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trustee in bankruptcy is getting sued by a bankrupt Gordon Craven whose estate he is administrating and the bankrupt's wife for her equity in real estate being wrongly siezed and sold by the trustee.

A complaint to the Australian Financial Security Authority supposed watchdog who registers trustees in bankruptcy, was responded to by Nanette Dewanto (Senior Inspector Regulation and Enforcement), who issued the usual whitewash expected nowadays from a public servant poodle:
"After considering the circumstances, and the response provided by the trustee, I do not believe that the issues you have raised in this regard to be justified."

Consequently due to poodlewash, a Court proceeding was filed on 27 September 2016 in the District Court Brisbane, and is about how the trustee manipulated his way into becoming the power of attorney for the bankrupt's daughter (Penelope Djordjevic nee Craven the First Defendant who has subsequently gone to ground), and helping himself to property belonging to the bankrupt's wife whilst defaming her by falsely publishing that she had abandoned her property when in fact the trustee's henchmen had trespassed and evicted her and Gordon from the property while they were not home. It's all (and much more) in the 54 page Claim and Statement of Claim.
All because Penelope became brainwashed after marrying this despotic rat... Peter Djordjevic Peter Djordjevic who looks like something from ISIS.
Gordon Craven was made bankrupt when, in the public interest and without representation, he sued and lost to persons that are involved in the conduct regarding consumers, florists and review sites as shown at the following websites: Ready Flowers Review and Ready Flowers Australia. The only consolation to Gordon is that it cost the persons well over $200,000 to employ a legal team to represent them over a 6 year period, together with also attempting to sue Gordon and his wife for defamation (District Court File), for which the result is, those persons are now in financial trouble... Ready Flower Unravels.
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Draft Statement of Claim

PDF format

The Reply

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CAUSES OF ACTION:  Breaches of Trust  • Breaches of Fiduciary Duty  • Unconscionable Conduct  • Equitable Fraud  • Trespass  • Continuing Trespass  • Wrongful Eviction  • Defamation  • Assisting Breach of Trust  • Breach of Agreement  • Receiving Trust Money  • Misfeasance in Public Office
AUTHORITIES INCLUDE:  2 limbs of Barnes v Addy (1874)  •  Plenty v Dillon •  Kuru v State of NSW  (aggravated & exemplary  damages in 2008 - $418,265  for trespass by police)
RELIEF:  Numerous Delarations  • Damages  • Aggravated Damages  • Exemplary Damages • Vindication and Vengeance for being treated like a dog.

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